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    MacBook Pro microphone jack experience

    I will be buying an external microphone to use with Skype with more than one person at the table. What I ran into in the past, was that some microphones don't work with the MacBook Pro jack, can anyone share their experience and/or technical knowledge about the audio input jack? I know it's some sort of hybrid and not just a classical 3.5 jack, but that's as far as my knowledge goes.

    Thank you for any input.
    Best regards.

    The computers that will be used with this are late 2008 MacBook Pro with Snow Leopard and 2011 Air with Lion.

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    They are hybrid sockets in that they are combined analogue and optical digital sockets but that's not really the issue. It's that your Macbooks have a Line/Audio In and a Line/Audio Out. Not a microphone in jack.

    To use an external mic you'll need either:
    - a usb mic
    - a line level mic
    - a mic connected to a pre-amp - connected to your Mac

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    I would bet the problem was with the type of mic involved. The MacBook Pro's input is actually typwhat is called a line level input. To work properly it needs a higher signal than some mics generate. OK for connecting line level devices like tape decks etc. Some mics work because they have built in pre amps to boost the signal.

    You could get a pre amp and connect a mic to that input. A better option might be to use a USB based mic. I have used some of the headset ones with Skype and the USB ones should work. My desktop mic is at work at the moment or I would test that as well.

    Nice summary Mr. Plow. Are you sure there isn't snow you should be clearing somewhere? lol

    I don't know what your budget is but there are some conference mics designed for this type of recording. Cheapest ones I have seen though are a few hundred dollars and go up from there. I did find a description of how to use multiple usb mics for podcasting and the process should work with Skype

    Haven't tried this personally but it looks like it might do the trick if you already have the mics
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    Ok thank you guys for the insightful info!

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