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    Exclamation My MacBook (2011) overheated while sleeping and overheats quickly now. Please help
    I have been bringing my MacBook (2011) to school in my backpack (inside a case) everyday so far this year. Today when i pulled my computer out of my backpack (about 2 hours after leaving home) I could feel the heat from outside of its case. I immediately opened the case and took out the computer which was extremely hot to the touch. It had been sleeping in my backpack and wasn't in a hot environment, just normal room temperature. When i opened my MacBook the left side of the screen was black, covering up the apple icon in the corner and i also noticed that at the top of my computer (a few inches to the left of the webcam) my computer had been so hot that it warped the frame into a shape that looks like a wrinkle. Also, it had been charging all night but when i looked at the battery icon i only had around 25% battery left. I shut off my computer and the black shading on the left disappeared and the left palm wrest cooled down slowly, but the area behind the left side of the screen was still so hot i couldn't keep my hand on it for long. Now after shutting it off for the second time the left palm rest is cooled down but around the burn mark on the top left side of the screen is so hot i burnt my finger touching it (the whole left side around the screen is much hotter than it should be although istat says the temperatures are around normal). any help would be very much appreciated.

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    This is one of the hazards of carrying your Mac in a backpack and putting it to sleep instead of shutting it off first. Your Mac woke up while in the backpack and overheated because ventilation was cut off. (How long does it take to boot up a machine?)

    It won't matter if you have Apple care because that's not covered. But take it on in to Apple anyway to see what they say.

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    It doesn't take noticeably longer to turn on and has stopped heating up while being used even during decently extensive amounts of time. This morning and yesterday afternoon i shut it down before putting it in my backpack (instead of sleeping it) and didn't have any problems. I do have applecare, but i figured it wouldn't be covered and on top of that I'm studying in Spain for the year and i doubt they could help me very much because i bought it back home in the states. So far it seems to be functioning normally and the interior temperature is fine but if I notice any recurring problems i will be sure to take it to the nearest mac store immediately. Thank you for you help.

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