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    why is my macbook air acting this way?

    The other night I accidentally left my 6 year old macbook air on the floor, while charging, and fell asleep. When I tried to use it in the morning it had gone from working perfectly to barely working at all. Do you think this is an overheating issue, and if so, what can I do about it?

    Do you think the problem could be something else?

    This is how it is behaving: I can barely get it to turn on. Usually it just stays on the white screen. If I can get into the computer, it will barely respond to my trackpad clicks.

    Sometimes, however, it will start working normally as if nothing ever happened.

    What can I do? I am a broke college student with no money and totally dependent on my computer.



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    Just a quick question, when you say floor, was it on a carpet? Just thinking that could cause heating, but if the computer was asleep, that should not be an issue.

    How new is this Air? If it's under a year I would take it to Apple and see what they say.

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