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    Where in the WORLD has all my space gone?
    Hey guys. I've got a refurbished 2008 White MacBook, which had a hard drive replacement about a year or so ago. So this drive was given to me BLANK with no data on it. It's a 160 GB, and I currently have 16GB of that left. I've got 7 GB of iTunes stuff, some videos, and a whole bunch of documents (most of which are pretty small...nothing crazy). I've set up Smart Folders to scan my drive for anything over a particular size. I've cleared my drive of just about anything over 110MB, and there are NO files on my internal drive over 500MB. So being that none of my documents are large files, and there are NO large files on this drive, where is all my space going? I seriously do not understand it. It's like something is mysteriously eating at my storage capacity...
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    Try using DaisyDisk or Disk Inventory X for Mac to get a visual of what is taking up what.
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    I second disk inventory X. It's a great tool to use. I found that I somehow had duplicates of almost all media and a 2 garage band libraries installed at like 25 gigs.

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