The screen of my Macbook (A1181) was broken just over a year ago when it was dropped. After this incident, the glass was still intact, but a few black 'cracks' appeared across the screen. These marks worsened over time, to a point where only 1/4 of the screen was visible. Then, one day, the screen just went completely black. The computer still works perfectly, and every time I open it I can see 1/4 of the screen for a few seconds before it goes all black again. I connected the Macbook to a monitor and have been using it that way for the past year, but I finally have some extra money and am looking at the steps to fixing it. I am going to attempt to replace the screen myself (I read many reviews on this, and am aware of how time consuming this may be) to save money. I was just about to order a new LCD screen from ebay when it occurred to me that replacing the screen alone might not solve my problem. So can someone please explain this 'dreaded black screen' to me, and whether replacing the LCD screen alone will fix my problem?