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Thread: MacBook pro freezes on startup

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    Question MacBook pro freezes on startup
    I dropped it while it was on and now it won't go passed this blue screen I get after it starts up

    It wouldnt open in safe mode either, it just keeps loading forever and heats up

    I sometimes get the chime at sartup and the cursor at the blue screen, also the blue screen keeps changing intensity

    Is there anyway i can back up my files on an external disk before giving it to a technician? Also will I lose them after it gets repaired?


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    if i were you i would ring apple and see if they can help. it doesn't sound good to me. stick around, there are certainly people in this forum that will be bale to give you advice.

    also, pretty sure this is not in the correct forum, so don't be surprised if you find your post moved by a mod/admin..

    good luck

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    Thread moved to correct forum. Does not belong in "Rumors or Reports". Please observe our forum descriptions before posting. Thanks.

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