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    Question macbook dilemma
    I am starting university in just over 3 weeks and need a notebook. After a bit of research I uncovered the rumour about the macbook pro "2012 redesign". Has anyone heard anything recently to confirm this?? Is it worth waiting or buying a '11 model?

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    You didn't really "uncover" anything special...there are always rumors of some new Macintosh model "just around the corner". If you took these rumors would never end up buying anything!

    By the way...the world is supposed to end in this time next year this question won't seem very important! (this is a rumor as well)!

    The bottom line is...if you need a computer now...get it. If you can wait...then wait!

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    FWIW, I do not expect a major redesign of the MacBook Pro this year. Apple (and consumers) seem to be super happy with the current design, so at best I think they will tweak it a bit in late spring.

    ISTR that Intel has some new processors out that are Sandy Bridge not Ivy Bridge (or have I got that wrong way round?), ie incremental not revolutionary. This hints to me that the next revision is likely to be very minor.

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