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    Feb 01, 2012
    Macbook A1181 keyboard issue

    I've been using a Macbook A1181 for a couple of weeks to learn xCode. All has been well until the optical drive failed.g

    I had to remove the keyboard and I replaced the drive. However then the macbook wouldn't startup. I've checked the keyboard ribbon connection and it is plugged in security. TO ensure nothing else was wrong I booted the macbook by shorting out the power pins on the motherboard and lion booted up fine, but the OS complained no keyboard was available.

    I suspect I just need to purchase a new keyboard - but can anyone confirm or deny this. A new keyboard we a welcome addition as the keyboard is looking very scruffy!

    Any advice most welcome.

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    Feb 01, 2012
    Upon playing around with the ribbon connector, the macbook fired up without any other prodding. still complained about lack of keyboard once all booted up and wouldn't switch off - but would think likely indicate an issue with the keyboard/ribbon cable rather than an issue with the logic boards.

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