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    Installing a new OS on a broken Mac
    Ok so I've got 2 Macs; an old broken Macbook that comes up with a flasing folder icon when you turn it on, because the HDD is empty and a working Macbook Pro.

    The old macbook will not go into Target disk mode if you hold T when you turn on the computer, it just stays on the flasing folder icon.

    Now I got a retail copy of the Mac installation and I want to know if I can install it the Target disk mode way even though the broken Mac can't enter Target disk mode or if I need to purchase a DL DVD to put the OS on? The latter I would have to use an external DVD drive anyway since the DVD drive on the Macbook is not working (but I already own one).

    So it's just a case really of if I can save money on the DVDs by using target disk mode.


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    Its sounds as if you have downloaded oSX and want to burn it onto disc.

    Is it OSX Lion you have bought from iTunes?
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    I can mount the Install to my Macbook Pro in the disk utility, I just don't know if I can install it to the other Mac because it can't boot into Target disk mode.

    Of course I can burn it to a DVD but the other option would be cheaper, assuming I can do it. For example if I search our local electronics store, they don't stock dual layer DVDs so I can't just easily go in there and then do it tomorrow, so it's also about convenience. I only need the 1 DVD and as far as I can find I need to buy a minimum of 5 at 10, which is a bit of a waste if I can do it free via Firewire.

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