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    How to Detect if Keylogger is installed in Mac BookAir
    Long story short - someone got a hold of my laptop and borrowed it. I'm concerned about the integrity of the laptop.

    How do I determine if there is a keylogger installed?

    On this laptop, I make sure I don't go onto any email-based accounts, or perform any sensitive transactions, and it has Antivirus, but I'd really like to know if there is a way to detect whether this Mac Air has a keylogger installed.
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    If you have a time machine backup from before you lost control of your laptop, restore to that..a GOOD keylogger should be undetectable, that's the whole if you are that worried about the person who take your laptop, a full re-install is your only option..

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    Also, uninstall that anti-virus. There aren't any viruses for Mac, and some anti-virus programs CAUSE problems instead of fix them.

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    I am not saying you have a keylogger but take a step back and consider this ...

    What's the purpose of installing a keylogger ? To collect information about what you type on your keyboard.
    That collected information is of no use to anyone if it stays on your machine, so at some point in time, a keylogger will " call home " and transmit the logged information to a predefined destination.

    This outbound connection will go undetected for yourself, but a firewall like LittleSnitch can detect it and prompt you for an action.

    So before going of and re-installing your OS based on some vague assumptions, maybe you can think about this as an alternative check.
    ( Re-installing your OS may indeed be required if you really have a keylogger installed )

    Cheers ... McBie
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