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PhillT 01-31-2012 03:29 AM

Macbook random shut downs, any not prone
I recently bought a 13" macbook (late'07) off ebay, and 3 days short of the 30 day warranty expiring, it suffered the well documented random shutdown syndrome. I returned it to the seller who tried unsuccessfully to repair it (new logic board) so I was lucky enough to get my money back.

I still need a small used laptop, and would prefer Apple, but if all the macbooks in my price range, which covers '07 to early '09 (before the battery becomes non-removable) are vulnerable to this syndrome, then I would prefer to avoid them and go back to a windows laptop:'(

Anyone know of any model which is not vulnerable?

chscag 01-31-2012 02:52 PM

You were indeed lucky to get a refund. Must have been a good reseller. :)

As far as the random shutdown syndrome goes, it's blown out of proportion. Of course you'll find complaints and long threads submitted by unhappy owners. I don't know of any particular model that's prone to random shutdowns. Whenever you buy a used product (computers are no different) you take a chance that it's OK and will last for awhile.

Depending on your personal budget, the best place to buy a used or refurbished machine is from Apple. All their refurbished machines are warranted the same as those which are new.

PhillT 01-31-2012 08:42 PM

Which is why I bought from that reseller. He charges a little more than private sales, but to me it is worth it, which brings me to your main point, and I fully agree, Apple refurbs are certainly the best way to go, however Apple USA chooses to support Apple Australia in their price jacking (of aprox. $100 - $130 per unit) over USA prices, by not selling to directly Australian consumers. That is a whopping premium to pay on an item worth only around $500 or so.

There is so much documented on the internet about the random shutdown problem going way back to 2006, and still today there are new occurrences in newer machines, that it becomes a real concern when it happens to yourself, unless money is of little concern.

I guess the only way is to pay the premium and look at it as insurance, or extended warranty. :Grimmace:

Thanks for your input.

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