I'm need to buy a new MBP, and I am torn over the storage capacity to get in there. I do a lot of pro-audio work, so for a long time now I have been lugging around firewire drives to record my sessions directly onto. With the new MBP i hope to buy, i was considering getting it with the 128gb SSD on which i woud install all my Apps, and then replace the Optical Drive with a 1TB hard drive that i could use to record all my audio work, and avoid having to carry around extra drives.

Thennn i saw the SDXC slot, which got me thinking. Basically, i want to see if the SDXC can act as a drive at least as fast as an external firewire drive, or better yet as fast as a traditional hard drive in the optical bay. Basically, can it function as a somewhat high performing drive? Right now i actually run my old MBP completely through an SSD in the PCI Express card slot, and it gave me a definite boost over the regular startup drive. (best $100 ever) I know you can boot off of that SDXC, but I'm just not sure how the guys at apple wired these SDXC slots for speed.

So what do you guys think? Can we all look at SDXC as being a second internal HD? Thanks!