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Thread: Skins for Non-Unibody for Macbook Pro 15

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    Question Skins for Non-Unibody for Macbook Pro 15
    So, I am looking for a palm rest skin for my macbook and I can't find no re-search with it.

    A friend of mines has one of the fiber skin for Unibody laptop but it works perfect for Non-Unibody laptop.

    I need some suggestions of where can I find some of palm rest skin so I can buy.


    PS, Are there any skins for Non-Unibody skin for macbook pro 15 ?
    Thank you for reading this !

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    I can only find unibody MBP skins, Moshi PalmGuard Macbook Pro 15-inch Unibody Palmrest Protector - Silver: Electronics

    Black Wrist Rest / Palmrest Protection Skin - $24.90 : SkinStyler, Macbook Pro Trackpad Skin & Wrist Rest Protector

    MacBook Pro 15" Palmrest Skin Cover Carbon Fiber | eBay

    That being said, we've made our own out of this stuff, Con-Tact Shelf Liner
    We have it in that color and a black that has a slight texture to it.

    We cut it straight at the top, and then we just apply it to the MBP and run a scalpel around the front edge.
    The result looks like the SkinStyler, but on a non unibody MBP.
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