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    clean wipe
    I plan on replacing my hard drive, my old computer has some torrented files on it and I have been told even if I delete them they can still be found on my computer or some trace of them remains on my computer even after they have been deleted. I bought the laptop from a friend and am very nervous so i figured just by a new hard drive would that remove everything completely?

    thanks, and I really need some help because I have no idea about this stuff, so please don't delete my thread because it is associated with illegal activities that had no part in.

    thanks again guys-
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    If you are that concerned backup any data that you want to keep to an external HD and boot your macbook from the install DVD. Go through the Menubar and look for the "Disk Utility".

    Select your HD within Disk Utility and click on "Erase". Now click the button that should be labeled with something like "Security Options". Select one of the options that overwrites (wipes) all data. For sensitive data more than one pass is suggested, but I'd say go for a single pass. Even with one pass it would cost lots of money to have some fragments of your files restored. In order to be able to reinstall OSX, the hard disk needs to be formatted with "Mac OS Extended (Journaled)" and "GUID/GPT-Partion Layout". You can check this under Partition once the wipe process is finished.

    When you are done follow the steps through the installation.
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