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    Hi! I have a PowerBook G4 15", which I got from my uncle. He said it had some power issues, at least, the Mac guy at the shop he brought it to said so. So I got home, and for me, not being able to wait, I stuck two wires into the power jack. I suddenly saw some smoke, and ripped the two cables out. I then was quite sad, but now after two years, I noticed a little bit of burnt plastic inside the jack. Then I realized, "it could just be some burnt plastic, that made the smoke." I bought a adapter for it, and it arrived (after 5 weeks -.-) So I looked on the charger unit itself, and noticed it said "Macintosh PowerBook ibook 45W AC Adapter" I'm 100% sure I ordered the 65W model, but thought they had sold me the wrong one. But, surprisingly, the output said "24.5V 2.65A" I searched the web, and noticed the 45W geniune model had 1.8A of output power, while the 65W has 2.65A. I then came to a thought. What model is this then? I plugged it into my PowerBook, and ofcourse, it didn't start up. So, i'm, thinking about getting a new powerboard for it. Or?

    Any help would be great..

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    you stuck two wires into the power jack? I'm not sure I understand this. What two wires? Were they energized? Oh, smoke is bad.
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    Yeah, like two bare wires. Withouts any plugs or anything.. :/

    With 24v going trough them.. I think it was 2A...

    I was trying to power it up, without the charger, because I had one 24v lying around. But, I failed...

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