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Thread: My new Purchase

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    My new Purchase
    So I recently bought 2 laptops off Craigslist, and and I wanted to make sure I got a decent deal.

    I'm not all that great about getting to know mac's, especially knowing if I actually closed a program or not. Call me a noob. Its cool, cause I am.

    Anyways, here's the scoop. I paid $660 total for 2 Laptops. One is a 15" Macbook Pro Unibody, (aluminum one), and the other one is just a regular MacBook, but they both have intel dual core's, the pro has 6gb ram, and the regular macbook has 2gb ram.

    Did I get screwed, or did I get a decent deal? I'm kinda wondering if I got screwed. Hope this isn't a stupid question.
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    I think it is a decent deal.

    I bought a pro few days back that worth me 400 $.
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