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    Does the video connection on the new mac book pro support two monitors. I'd like to be able to extend my display onto the second monitor. Maybe have an excel chart or VMWare running in the second monitor. I've thought about those products that use USB for the second monitor but felt the screen refresh/redraws would be noticeable. Ideas?


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    Unless I seriously misunderstood the specs yes it will do that. It supports both video mirroring and dual display mode (the one you want). See Apple - MacBook Pro - Technical specifications of the 15-inch model.

    I used one of those USB devices to add a third screen to my 2008 MacBook Pro giving me the built in screen and two external screens. I did not have a problem with screen redraw per se but there were some issues ATPM 15.08 - Review: OWC USB 2.0 Display Adapter

    i am not sure whether all of these devices have the same issues. Generally speaking if you are only using one external monitor connect it directly to the Mac you'll get the best performance that way. I'd only go the USB route to add a second external. Which is really cool BTW.
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