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    Jan 28, 2012
    Unhappy Replacement keyboard
    I have a 13" macbook that is 3+ years old it is upgraded to OS 10.6.8 and I have had troubles with the keyboard. The last time I had the keyboard replaced in Brussels, Belgium and I don't recognize what region/language it is. I would like the keys to match what is typed. Now they work as US.
    This is the number key/shift layout":!"$%&/()=? (up arrow symbol) can any one help me out?

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    That's not the US keyboard layout. It may be the UK English keyboard that was installed, of that I'm not sure. You may be able to remap some keys but there is no way to change the symbols on the keys without replacing the board.

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    Certainly not a UK layout either. UK on my Powerbook is !@$%^&*()_+
    As said, no way of altering the symbols on the keys though.
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    This is a picture of the keyboard. I was hoping that I could just select it in preferences and that I would not have to remap any keys. The keys the way that they are would be useful for an American living in Belgium. Thanks
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    Once you figure out what keyboard you have, you can easily change the keyboard to match up:

    Settings --> Keyboard --> Input Sources.

    Only problem is that your photo didn't load, so I can't see it to help.

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