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    upgrading ram and battery on mbp 15 inch
    I was looking to buy a replacement battery on my macbook pro 15 inch model A1211 and was wondering if this one will work:

    Apple MacBook Pro Battery | Apple MacBook Pro 15-Inch Battery

    although it isn't for my specific model, can I still install it on my laptop? I also currently have 3gb of ram and would also like to upgrade that. I heard that the limit on this machine is 4gb? is this true? Since I'm running lion I thought I could easily surpass the 4gb limit since it is a 64 operating system. My machine has a intel core 2 duo 2.16ghz 64 bit cpu, and I am using a 2gb and a 1gb ram stick to total to 3gb

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    You CAN install 4GB if you want to. But only 3.25GB would actually be utilized by the laptop. So you're paying for an extra gig when you're only gaining 256MB of performance.

    That battery seems extremely overpriced to me. Here's on from Amazon that says it will work for your specific model, and for far less money:

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    thanks a lot, I'll order that one instead. I'm also gonna go and max out my ram to 4gb

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