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Deznutz 01-27-2012 03:25 PM

Macbook pro format and reinstall ?s
Hello, I am new to this site and to being a mac user. I recently purchased a 2011 macbook pro from a friend of mine, and need some assistants in resetting or formatting the computer to make it as if it was just taken out of the box. I have done a little research already and noticed that I may need the os x install disk, in which I did not recieve from my friend. So my ?s are where do I start and a step by step guide through this process would be so.greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for any and all info. Reguarding my ?s.

chscag 01-28-2012 01:29 AM

What operating system is on the 2011 MBP? If it came pre-installed with OS X Lion, then there are no disks that came with it. Post the model number and which version of OS X it's running and we should be able to help you wipe it and start fresh.

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