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    MacBook Logic Board Failure?
    2 weeks ago when I plugged the power cord into my open but sleeping 2007 MacBook, it came alive for just a moment..and then the screen went black. Actually it wasn't exactly black - the computer was obviously running but the backlighting seemed to be out on the screen. I could still faintly see figures if I tilted it enough. A couple hours and a couple of restarts later, everything was back to normal.

    A week ago, the same thing happened again. I took it to an Apple store, they told me it was either the inverter board or logic board..they replaced the inverter board and thought the problem was fixed. 12 hours later it was clear that it wasn't. Now I've noticed a pattern - if I shut my computer or let it fall asleep open, then when I open it/awake it, the screen lights up for a moment then the backlighting fails. If I restart it, it makes the turn-on noise but the screen stays black, or just lights up for a moment. But if I do it about 5 times, it will come on and everything is fine until I let it sleep again.

    So my question this definitely the logic board? And if so, how long will it take until complete failure? Thanks for any help!

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    It may be the logic board but it sounds like it could be the backlight itself that is failing or is intermittent. Since the inverter was replaced (it supplies AC power to the backlight) that leaves the backlight. The backlight on that model is actually a tube (CCFL) light and is enclosed within the LCD assembly. Apple will not replace the backlight but instead the entire LCD assembly.

    However, if it is something on the logic board that's defective you would be wasting your money on a new LCD. Your MacBook is worth at most around $350 which means you certainly don't want to put a lot of $$ into any repair.

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    It is not worth it to get a new logic board look into getting a used Mac at is newer. You can find some good deals on Craigslist if you know where to look.

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    Thanks for your help! I really don't want to put any money into this computer, I'm just trying to determine if it can make it 4 weeks.

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