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    Is this a good idea
    I have found a 2008 Macbook for sale for $75 near me. It doesn't say much but it is black and needs a new hard drive, says "the system is reset and everything" replacing the hard drive is no problem, but would I be able to make a profit off of it? Sounds like the hard drives for these are going for $90 something on ebay.

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    $75 for a 2008 MacBook that only needs a new hard drive falls into the category of..."If it sounds too good to be probably is!"

    And by the way...the "system" cannot be reset...since the only "system" that can be reset is the OS and apps. installed on the HD. If this computer needs a new HD...then there's really nothing to reset.

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    If he is telling the truth and only the HD is bad then it is a great deal. But as pigoo said, I doubt that is the only problem.
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