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    How easy to repair?
    Hi guys first post here from me,

    I've been trawling around these forums for some time now, about 5 days ago I foolishly dropped some water on my macbook.
    It now doesnt work. What happens is;

    The Battery Charges; you can see this happening because the maglight charger turns from green to orange. And then when you Click battery button on the left side it shows you how much charge is left.

    The Fan on the CPU you can occasionally hear spinning Loudly.
    Other times when you turn the macbook on the white light on the bottom Right corner turns on.
    The keyboard lights dont, nothing appears on the screen and after about 5 seconds it turns off and tries to start up again.

    My First guess is because the machine doest even POST its the motherboard that is fried seeing as its the biggest part of the machine thats going to soak up the water.

    So my first question is, how easy are the motherboards to get hold of for apple machines and how easy to replace?

    This model is a MBPRO 13 MC375BA

    2.66Ghz C2D
    4GB HD
    320GB HDD
    320M Geforce GFX

    Im fairly competent when it comes to computers i'v built this pc im using now.
    The machine I bought at my shop I work at last year for 540 pounds. Which is a bargain, our shop gets all of the ex display stock from curry's shops all over the UK and because I work there I get them for cheaper.

    Now after looking at this;
    13" Apple Macbook Pro (Unibody), Faulty for spares or repair | eBay

    Should I just put it on ebay and get all my money back? or should I try and fix it? What would you do?

    Any help in this dilemma would be greatly appreciated

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    300 views and not 1 post? what...?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kevriano View Post
    I suspect that you may not have read this...
    Yer nicer than I am mate
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    Quote Originally Posted by aleckz999 View Post
    300 views and not 1 post? what...?
    Hahaha all I could think was:

    But yeah, OP, go read that thread.

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