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Thread: Old G4 Pro Powerbook

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    Old G4 Pro Powerbook
    I would like some help/advice. I have just been gifted(from my son) his old 6yrs G4 17" Powerbook - spec 1.3Ghz 512MB/80 non intel processor, it works perfectly well I think, but the battery A1039 doe not retain its charge approx 1 hr use. I have looked at the cost of a replacement battery approx 30 1yr warranty 55 for 3 yrs warranty, is the extra cost worth it due to the age of the computer. On a wider front the value of the computer I guess is maybe about 100, HP are currently offering a part exchange on certain of their PC laptops of between 100-150 against machines costing about 450 ie net cost of 300ish, What are people's thoughts about just replacing the battery or replacing the old G4 powerbook for a new more powerful HP PC laptop with either i3/i5 intel or AMD quad processor

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    Well the HP would certainly be a much more powerful laptop. But you'd be limited to running Windows. Or Linux if that's your thing. The only point in using the Powerbook would be to learn and use Mac OS X. However due to the age of the machine, you are limited to much older versions of OS X, nor could you dual-boot Windows on it if you needed since it's not Intel-based.

    So… if you aren't particularly motivated to learn OS X, then you may as well go for the HP. If you are interested in dabbling in OS X, then consider keeping it for a bit, even if you don't replace the battery and leave it charging. If you find you like it, consider buying a used Intel-based MacBook that can run a newer version of OS X.

    Please verify and include the exact model/year of your Mac and OS X version number (available from "About This Mac", then "More Info" on the Apple menu).
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    Keep it i just got a 15 inch or look at selling it and getting a newer MacBook with a core 2 duo processor.

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