So for my High School graduation in 2006, my Dad and Aunt got me a MacBook Pro, 17", Intel-based unit. I hadn't owned it for a year, and the charger that came with it, (Magnetic kind,) was fried. Before it went belly up, it killed two others. I'm pretty sure it was one of the infamous, " Exploding," units, since it was first gen of it's kind, and that type had a recall. It felt like it heated way to much then what it was supposed to. A friend advised me to get a power unit of different strength to correct the issue, but I never got around to it.

i think the heating issue may have caused further issues with the computer, as the hard drive seemed to go bonkers before it finally kicked the bucket. Also towards the end, the computer began producing a loud, unusual noise that eventually began to sound like grinding.

Eventually, I managed to get through it's loss of speed to where I could reformat the Hard drive, which tore me up to do, and started fresh. I thought everything was fine until two weeks later, when I went to start up the computer, and received the white question mark screen on initial start.

Now it won't do anything, and I'm lost in deep waters with it. Furthermore, after my Dad and I packaged it up to send it to a Mac repairman in New Mexico, we later unwrapped it after buying some parts that we presumed could fix some of its issues to find, right where the battery is, massive physical damage. It looked as if someone grabbed a corner and just yanked as hard as they could, so now, I have another probable expensive repair to deal with.

I'm at a loss here, if anyone knows where I can get a hold of another MacBook Pro alike it? One that's relatively intact? Maybe with just a damaged screen? I'm sitting on a expensive piece of scrap metal right now, and working off a PowerMac G4 tower that needs some love.