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Thread: external mac drive

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    external mac drive
    Hello everyone,

    quick question,

    after my MBP crash, i got a macbook 13". What the shop did was taking the hard drive from MBP into macbook, which work fine, now i have a spare hard drive (macbook 13") i got an enclosure so i could use it as an external drive, but when i connect to mac, the drive power up but doesn't show at all, also try on a PC and same thing, doesn't show. Any reason or could it be the enclosure fault ?


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    Does it show in disk utility?
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    Doubt it would be the enclosure causing the problem, unless maybe the data cable in the enclosure itself isn't fully connected...

    Do you have one of those IDE/SATA-to-USB adapter kits?? That's a way you can check for sure...basically, you use the kit to connect the bare drive to the USB port directly without an enclosure. You can get those things at places like MicroCenter for like nine bucks. Very worthwhile investment, especially if you're a computer tech.

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    doesn't show under utility

    i don't have one of those adapter kits.

    I have a WD external drive, which work fine, its not mac formatted as always been use on PC, but work no problem.

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    this is the enclosure i am talking about.

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    Perhaps it needs power? Some enclosures have a dc input at the back. COuldn't see if yours did. Alternatively there are those usb cords that take up two ports, supplying power.
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    but like i said i the beginning, it as power, led is on, disc is spinning.

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