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    macbook pro wont read dvds
    my macbook pro (mid 09, 13") wont read dvds but will read the lens cleaning disc.
    when i put in a dvd it make some weird sounds then ejects the disc.

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    First, try cleaning the SuperDrive with a cleaning disc. Run it SEVERAL TIMES -- like a dozen or so. Seriously.

    My recommendation, though, is to just use an external tray-based drive; slot-based drives like the SuperDrive are notorious for having gunk build up on the outside and getting pushed inside. The SuperDrive in my MacBook went out after a couple of years. (I've since replaced it with one of those hard drive kits, so I now have two hard drives in my MacBook!)

    On the Apple discussion forums, there's at least one thread that goes on for literally well over 100 pages of people with SuperDrive problems, at least half of which were not fixable.

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