Hello everybody,

I have a 2008 early 13" macbook. The problem is, after I got the laptop the battery was completely out of order. I bought a new (replacement battery) one to use it but I can not boot from the battery, only from mains. OSX says Not Charging. And it does not go to sleep when I close the lid. I was looking around on forums and (apart from water damaged things) someone said the problem might be the battery connector. So I bought a new battery connector and changed it. Nothing has been changed. Not booting from battery. I could test it in another macbook, both the battery and the charger was working good so the problem is not with these parts. I checked the voltage on the pins which are connect with the battery. Altogether was around 5V. 4V on the second pin from the right and 1V on the first pin on the right. Nothing else.

When I took it apart I haven't seen any sign of water or liquid damage.

Does anyone have any idea what should I do?

The charger is green sometimes but mostly no color or very dimmed. As soon as I move it out from the socket, the macbook stops down. PRAM and SMC reset done.

The system and coconut battery app says the battery inserted, and every info is available like cycle count, max and current charge, etc.

Please help me to solve this issue.

Thank you very much for your help in advance!