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    Time to upgrade to MBP
    Hi all,

    My PB G4 has served me very well for a long time now but it's time for me to upgrade from the PPC processors for obvious reasons. There's mothing wrong with it, it's a little slow at times but the screen is perfect, keyboard is fully functioning and the Alu shell is still in good shape.

    Unfortunately, this time round I don't have the reddies to go straight to the apple site and spec up a new machine with all the goodies so i'm hoping you can help me with a question.

    For my purposes, a Core 2 will suffice (as long as apple don't have any plans to switch and completely stop supporting intel machines overnight). I'm not fussed about a unibody (would be nice though) but i'm seeing an opportunity in the older MBP with the same shell as my 2004 PowerBook A1046;

    Is it possible that I could buy this:

    .. and replace the screen and keyboard with the one from mine?

    Any help appreciated!!


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    Parts from your Powerbook G4 are not compatible with what's needed to repair the MacBook Pro. Save your money.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chscag View Post
    Parts from your Powerbook G4 are not compatible with what's needed to repair the MacBook Pro.
    Thought that may have been the case with screen upgrades and obviously the mountings inside the alu shell but i'm surprised that the connections are different?. Is there anywhere where I can compare the specs to this level?

    Quote Originally Posted by chscag View Post
    Save your money.
    Haha, living in London? easier said than done my friend!

    I might have to bite the bullet and buy 2nd hand on installments. Thing is, I'm aware of how fickle the Apple community has become over the last few years and there is often some fantastic opportunities to be had with those just wanting rid of theirs because "it no longer turns on" or "it's got a scratch" or "it's not the latest model". I've had my PB in bits so many times i'm fairly confident when it comes to using a hammer and chisel.

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    Sorry, you dont need to answer that: MacBook Pro - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    there is a world of difference!!

    So people, if you were looking to buy 2nd hand or refurb'd... how would you go bout securing the best deals?

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