Hey guys,

Not sure if i'm on the right section but I was looking for a decal for my macbook pro, it goes on the back and uses the apple logo as part of itů they are a bit geeky but i really want one

Just wondered if anyone has any experience of them? Are they easy to put on, do they stay on?

I saw some on ebay but the quality and choice weren't all that so didn't want to risk it.

This shop on Etsy has some cool ones and shows what i mean if you haven't seen them before:

http: //www.etsy.com/shop/visualboss

Probably will end up buying from there as they aren't too badly priced but anyone know anywhere else that does different designs or perhaps somewhere cheaper just to try out?

If you do have any info on them let me know asap, want to make a choice tonight in time for the new semester at uni!