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    Question MacBook display randomly blacks out (backlight problem)
    Hi all,

    The display on this MacBook (not Pro) randomly blacks out. Seems to be related to warming up. After the computer powers up it takes a few minutes before it blacks out first time. After it has happened I can bring it back by first decreasing brightness to 0 and then by increasing it back. Sometimes I need to wait for a few seconds before it can work. I searched internet and tried some repair/diagnostics. I changed the inverter board (got it supposedly new from ebay), but it didn't help. I have also checked that it works fine with an external monitor. So, does it mean that I need to replace the LCD panel? Or is there a way to replace just the backlight?


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    Backlight Problem - overtightened screw/s
    mbmsv describes exactly the problem I was having. My backlight problem was not related to movement of the screen. It was somehow related to load/heat, specifically if I had a few browser tabs open and then started watching Netflix. Then I would lose the backlight and only get it back briefly by reducing and then increasing screen brightness, or by shutting down Netflix. This is what I did:

    I removed both of the inside (closest to the hinge) screws in the rear end of the unit. I think that over tightening these screws is causing this particular problem. I have a feeling that it is the left side (right side if facing the machine) specifically but have been too relieved to figure out which one for sure as yet. I will experiment later to determine wich screw.

    The only other things I also did was to reset the NVRAM by holding down the power button for 5 secs with no power. I also did not replace the battery, which is dead anyway. I doubt very much that either of those had any effect.

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