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    Sharing MBA wifi to Iphone via usb
    OS X sharing has the ability to choose your live wifi internet connection as the source, and share it via a number of ports: BT, iPhone USB, direct IP, etc.

    I am trying to use my active wifi connection on the MBA and distribute it via iPhone USB port. Despite this being an available option, the iPhone does not get connectivity. Same result when trying to use bluetooth.
    The picture below shows ethernet as the source but it was the only photo I could find online. I am using wifi as the source.

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    If your MBA has WiFi access, why can't you connect your iPhone to the same WiFi connection? It's one thing to share a hardwired Ethernet connection or a 3G connection..but why Wifi??

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    The issue is that the wifi network i am currently on via the MBA is allowing me access via mac address registration. I do not currently have the ability to go into the router and add the mac address of my iPhone. Hence, I want to use the OS X internet sharing panel to share the wifi of the MBA via iPhone USB port.

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