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Thread: Confused about how much space is being used on 64 gig MacBook Air.

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    Confused about how much space is being used on 64 gig MacBook Air.
    I've done the math on all the files that we have on it. Totals up to about 30 gigs. We have a 64 gig HD and it says we only have 6 gigs left to use. This makes no sense to me. I've cleaned out the downloads and the trash, got rid of all the useless logs, reset Safari and got rid of a lot of cache. Other than just completely wiping out the hard drive, I'm spent for ideas.

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    Have you taken into account the all the files related to the OS?

    Disk Inventory X will show you what is being used for what:

    Disk Inventory X
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    Check out the instructions on this like and see if that can help.

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