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    New 15" PB Display Problem?
    I've seen many posts on other forums complaining about horizontal lines in the display on the new 15" PB. I've been to the Apple Store and seen them myself and they are faint but noticeable. Here's an example link that is circulating around. . .
    The image of the boy on the right shows the lines, look closely.

    I thought I would find some more info here but I haven't seen any posts about it. So, if there are any owners of the new 15" PB here, have you noticed these lines?

    My concern is that now that I've made the decision and saved the money to get one, this line problem pops up and there doesn't seem to be a solution to it, other than A) getting a 17" which just seems way to big for me and more expensive, or B) not getting a mac at all which would just suck. This was to be my first one.

    So now I don't know what to think. . .anyone have any thoughts?

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    In my opinion, it really dosen't make that much of a difference. Every laptop has something undesireable, and you are going to have other problems if you choose to get another. I got an iBook. I was at first bothered that the screen was kind of grainy because although it was 'millions' of colors it was low in the millions. It dosen't bother me in the least now. GET THE POWERBOOK!

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    That's probably what i'll end up doing, just getting it anyway. I just wish I didn't have that feeling of settling for something that should be a bit higher quality.

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    Mine is fine... no lines here

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    I have yet to notice anything with mine.

    Get it, you'll be very pleased.

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    I have the one model before the latest. Still a 1.67 but not the higher resolution screen. I have never seen any lines at all. I use it all the time too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Axxis22
    Mine is fine... no lines here
    The lines only occur on the new 15" PBs, the ones released last month. If you you have a new one and don't have horizontal line problems there are many many people on other forums who would like to hear about it. You could ease alot of nerves out there.
    You can see what I mean here:

    Sorry if it isn't cool to post a link to another forum. It seems appropriate to the conversation.

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    I have the line issue on my new pb. While in most apps it's not a big deal, when I get into my graphics and flash editing at zoomed in levels, it's a big pain in the butt, as if I'm using scanlines, or anyboxes, part of the graphic might "disappear."

    More can be found here:

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    I think you should hold off and see if there is a fix for this issue.

    Even if you don't do graphics/video work and/or notice the lines, they are there and can cause some severe headaches.

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