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    I have a MacBook Pro and I have it plugged in and the percentage says it's only 99% and it says charged. Is there a problem with my battery?

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    I've seen this happen on my MBP. In my case, the fix was to run the battery all the way down, then charge it back to full.
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    Just let your battery charge drop lower than 94% and then connect up the charger. Then you will see 100% after it is fully charged.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rman View Post
    Just let your battery charge drop lower than 94% and then connect up the charger. Then you will see 100% after it is fully charged.
    I second this! I have my MacBook Pro plugged in almost 100% of the time...and I can (over the course of a couple weeks) my battery charge go from 100% > 99% > 98% > 97% > 96%...then at some point (95% or 94%) the battery charging will begin...ending when it hits 100%.

    Then the process starts over again (over the course of weeks while plugged in). Right now my battery charge is currently at 98% (not light on Magsafe connector).

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