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    Screen Cleaner
    What is best to use to clean a glossy MacBook Pro display screen with?

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    I use just a clean, lint free cloth, that is ever so slightly damp.

    Unplug it and turn it off before hand too!
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    I bought an iKlear cleaning kit way back in the day - somewhere around my first LCD display - 2003 or so? I still have the same lint free cloth and spray solution that works on both glossy and anti-glare screens.

    I also got this "digital cloth" - bought 5 of them
    Digital Cleaning Cloth For iPad iPod iPhone Laptop DC DSLR Glasses
    Use them for quick touch up - works for glasses and goggles too so I have one in each of my ski jackets as well. Works on the glass screens really well too.

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    Or a slightly damp paper towel.
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    Water or a electronics screen cleaner. do not use plain windex it will eat the finish off.

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