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Thread: Help!!! My iBook G4 got run over!!! :o( It's working but screen broken...

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    Jan 17, 2012
    Unhappy Help!!! My iBook G4 got run over!!! :o( It's working but screen broken...
    Hi guys!

    Yes, you read right... My mac got run over!!! <

    I had a really hectic day leading up to Christmas, and managed to leave my laptop (in its bag) next to my car when I was loading lots of other bags into my car back at the car park! ,

    I thought I'd lost it for good... But someone kindly handed the bag & computer in after I'd gone.
    What I didn't realise until I got it back, and opened it at home, was that the keyboard was sticking up a little and the 14" screen is busted...
    This could only have been through the pressure of someone running over it. (Hopefully not me! - I think I would've felt the bump!)

    The impressive thing is that the whole outer shell is in tact - they really do make'em strong!
    And I can also hear that it's turning on, and so seems to be working. But obviously I can't do anything on it, as I can't see the screen! It's fractured-looking and stays black (although the front cover of the screen is smooth, so it's obviously broken behind...)

    The other thing that's happening is that the disc-drive is whirring & clicking like it's trying to eject the disc that's in there (there was a music disc in there when I lost it)...

    So! My question basically is - are any of these things fixable?
    The computer sounds like it's coming on so I don't think it's totally screwed... But where's the best place to try & get a new screen fitted?
    And, if a keyboard's been run over & warped a bit, will it work again?
    Same with a disc-drive...?
    But even if the drive can't be fixed, I'll happily carry on using the laptop without it, as most of what I do on it is internet & work-based.

    It's an old laptop now - an iBook G4 that I've had since 2004! But, it's my only computer, it's been a loyal old friend to me, and I bought it with money left to me by my grandmother when she died. ,
    So I'm pretty sentimental about it & really want to try and save it!

    Any advice would be VERY gratefully received!
    I live in the UK (currently working in Swansea, Wales), and although there's not an Apple store nearby, there is a branch of 'AT Computers' who are Apple specialists. D'you think they'd be worth a try?

    Thank you so much for your time! I'm a new user on the Forum and really hope someone out there can help me! }
    I feel like such a dufus, and sad that I've let this happen to my poor little mac!

    Anne-Marie *x*

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    My iBook g4 12" about the same age as yours and a very faithful friend also just got destroyed. Animal of mine got deathly sick and threw up all over it. By the time I saw it the Logicboard was shorted out. I was able to get a new board on Ebay for $54 and its like new again. They have keyboards, displays and all the parts. Big thing is $$$ and skill to repair it.

    The iBook is a pain to get all apart. Also it all depends on what is broken. If it's just for sure the screen and keyboard that would not be that much from what I saw in my recent adventure on Ebay.

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    You can do it yourself rather cheap but i would take it to a shop to get it worked on if you dont feel like messing with it.

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    Jan 17, 2012
    Aw thanks for replying so quickly guys! It's late night here in the UK so I gotta head to sleep now (am a musician by trade & am starting day 1 in the studio tomorrow of recording my band's new album! So an even worse time to have the laptop go down, as there's so much work to do coming up!...)

    But I'll ring the local store and see what they say... I know when I needed a new battery before they couldn't help me, they said my model was too old, and advised me to go online at Amazon & get a battery there, which I did. But like you say, I'd rather trust these more serious things to a pro really, I don't feel confident in taking an iBook apart, even if I do manage to get the parts online more cheaply...

    Will call them & see if they can do anything, then report back with my findings!
    Thanks so much, again... I'm not a big forum-user generally, but it's really good to know you guys are here, & I feel less alone with my pretty stressful problem!

    Have a good night, & I'll let you know how I get on...


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    Any updates for us?

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