Ok so i finally was able to get pictures of my system doing( or not doing) its thing. During all of these incidents i get the dreaded beach ball.

Things I have already done previous to this:
- Used onyx to re index finder
-Used onyx to clear caches of internet browser
- Used Disk utility to check permissions and verify disk
- Restarted computer recently
- Verified that RAM is NOT the issue( i have 6gigs of RAM and zero page outs or swaps used)

This first picture is when i first started the firefox( this also happens with itunes last night) app. I got the beachball for a good 45 seconds and the app said not responding. However being that i have had this happen many times i know that if i wait long enough it stops so i managed to get pics of both sides of this. After this hang the app usually works perfectly which i don't understand at all.

Second image is during the waiting period while from what i guess is the HD trying to find this application or something.

Third Image is after firefox comes back to life

And then this happened when i was actually trying to access photobucket to upload these files lol. This was different then the rest as this hang was directly related to the CPU usage not the HD. When i reloaded firefox and got back to that screen it asked me if photobucket had permission to run an app which i had to allow so maybe that was the cause but who knows. So im really confused as to what happened here.

Sorry for all the pictures but i wanted to catch the whole process so i could give everyone the most info possible. Does this sound like the HD is just going and the seek times are what my problem is or is something else at work here? Thanks a lot for the help in advance everyone i really appreciate it. I really can't afford to get another laptop right now so would really like to get to the bottom of this before it totally craps out on me during the semester. I have already backed up my whole system about a week ago.