Hi folks,

four weeks ago I bought a Macbook Air (13 inch) for one of my clients because I heard about being able to run Windows on it. Since then I'm trying to install Windows but did not succeed in partition the system as it is appropriate to me. Windows is running fine and What I want now is a Macbook without any Mac OS on it or with at least only a small OSX partition. But the only thing I can achieve is to create partitions of equal size with bootcamp assistant. I read for hours but could not find out how to make OSX partition smaller. There should be any partitioning tool to achieve that (running on Windows or OSX, where ever). I else could not find out how to create an USB stick that boots Linux and let me use GParted to resize these two partitions.

Could someone shed some light on this? What is the right way to achieve my goal?

Thanks a lot for any hint and regards,