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Thread: Powerbook G4 not reading batteries

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    Powerbook G4 not reading batteries
    I have a 2004 PowerBook (PowerPC) G4 with Mac OS X 10.4.11 1.5 GHz 512 MB DDR SDRAM and am having a problem with it reading my batteries. I have 3 different good batteries, all with low cycle counts (one brand new), and it will not read nor charge any of them. They will charge in another PowerBook though. The problem has been persisting for a couple months now, just haven't figured out what the underlying issue is yet.

    With a battery installed and the PowerBook running off the power adaptor, the battery meter will switch back and forth from "No batteries available," to "100%" charged, but the batteries have all been run down and are dead (no green lights when button is pushed on batteries). The PowerBook will run just fine off of the power adaptor, but the moment I unplug it, the Powerbook dies. I have tried resetting the PMU and other troubleshooting steps to get the battery to charge or be recognized to no avail.

    Has anyone experienced this same thing? Can anyone tell me what the problem is and if it's something I can fix on my own? Thanks!

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    Mine did the same thing. Try this Aluminum PowerBook (15 inch) Battery Update v1.1 or this Battery Update 1.1

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    Thanks rabbitjetta. I just tried those, but no luck. Anyone else?

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