I think its called VDI? its from my macbook pro - April 2010 13".

I am a VDJ and my job relies hevily on getting music videos to go out of every screen in the club. The club have just installed 8 new tvs around the club.

Friday night VDJ goes in, has same laptop as me.. no problems.

Saturday night, I go in... The main screen (14ft screen) shows my videos perfect, the new screens say 'no input detected'. My colleague puts his macbook in (agan identical) and his works on ALL of the screens.

The only difference we have noticed iss that when I put the VGA converter in i get some options to change the resolution for the big screen, when my colleague puts his in it gives him 2 options... the big screen resolution and the VGA resolution.

We just cant seem to work out the problem - were ALL using the same wires and converters.... he only difference is I have a secondary HD in a CD 'case' that replaces the cd drive... although I have had this for a while and it worked over christmas.

Any ideas?

Thanks fr any reply