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Thread: Black screen

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    Dec 05, 2011
    Black screen

    My 2007 macbook pro is kaput
    stuck on black screen, keyboard not responding, no power from USB or others.
    Start fine, can hear the drive spin but thats it.

    Went to a mac shop, told me motherboard gone, 430 to fix

    Managed to get a mackbook white, should be here tuesday. What will be the best way to get everything from my Pro to macbook ? (photo, pics, documents)

    If to hard will give it to the shop to do it

    thanks for your help

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    Could be the screen has gone.

    Does it make the usual startup chime?

    Can you connect a second monitor and see a screen?
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    If you can't see anything on another display you can get an case to put internal drives in externally. Sorry if that sounds ridiculous bur you can pick them up at OWC( and they work excellent for someone in your situation.

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    Dec 05, 2011
    no chime, no sound.
    only the drive starting, thats all i can do and hear.

    thanks for the website, but i am in the uk, i need things to be sorted this week.

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    My friend has the same mbp with the same issue. she took it to the apple store and got a new logic board for $400 or so.

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