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    Noob here, but I have a new MBP but have to use a Dell laptop for work. The Dell stays in the docking station at work, and I use RDC to login to my files. Is there a way to access all of my work files via iCloud so they are on my MBP, rather than using the RDC or saving everything to flash. Sorry if this is a nood question, but would appreciate any help. Thanks!

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    Well first off I wouldn't trust my work files but that just me. Call me old school or paranoid but I still have a hard time trusting that stuff! But as long as you just put the files in the cloud that you need you shouldn't have a problem doing your work from home or where ever you happen to need to access them.

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    You'd be FAR better off using a VPN to connect to work, and save your files on networked devices there.
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