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    Macbook 'delete' button not working..
    Hi all - as the title says, Im having trouble with my 'delete' key not working within certain flash sites (moonfruit site builder in particular). It works perfectly well outside of such sites - I can delete just fine now for instance - but not within this particular Flash site.
    Is this an issue with the Moonfruit site do you think? or am I missing something in the system preferences?

    I have a macbook (about 2008) unibody btw.
    Thanks for any help!

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    Try using it in tandem with the Fn key. In most Mac-specific applications, the Delete key will function like a traditional backspace key. But when you're using something cross-platform (like a Flash application), it will often work like a traditional delete key on a Windows keyboard.
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    I may also be a error with the site. If it works everywhere else there is a really good chance your machine isn't the problem.

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