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    Exclamation Reinstalling OS X
    i've been told to reinstall OS X Lion to fix my computer (it has to do with apps not working). is reinstalling easy? do you need internet access? does it make you lose any files or saved preferences? is it safe? thank you!

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    Who told you to re-install and why did they tell you that? That is a pretty drastic step. Usually you do check disk, repair disk, repair permissions and see if any of that helps.

    If you have been backing up with Time Machine the restoring isn't that hard. There are a couple of clone utilities if you want belt and suspenders - Carbon Copy Cloner
    Carbon Copy Cloner - Home
    and SuperDuper are two good ones

    Here is an article on repair/restore with lion
    OS X Lion: About Lion Recovery
    Reboot and hold down cmd-r to get to the recovery partition. As I said a full re-install is pretty drastic so before recommending it I'd like to know your symtoms first.

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    Apple care told me to reinstall due to my issue last night and still did the same thing!

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    Quote Originally Posted by batcavejoe View Post
    Apple care told me to reinstall due to my issue last night and still did the same thing!
    So you're still having issues after reinstalling? You may want to schedule an appointment with your local Apple Store and bring it in. They should fix it for you without any trouble.

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