im the proud owner of a macbook 1.1 that i got cheap with a 60 gb hdd and 2 gb ram 2 sticks 1 gb each the problem is with both ram slots filled the laptop becomes unstable when moved this only happens when the left side ram slot is filled but also when i press down near the ram bay i have reinstalled the osx checked all connections and cleaned them even tho they did not need it iv checked the hdd its not at fault iv checked the ram its not at fault i did see what looked like a little black tape around the wire the feeds the power from the battery to the mother bored i removed it to see why it was there but could see nothing and no it was not that heat up insulation stuff it looked like tape i also checked the small bored that plugs into the mother bored to feed power from the battery it maybe at fault ill be taken the whole mac apart to check it better but im looking for any ideals to help because i do not think its the ram bay it looks fine and iv opened my mac and powered it on with both ram cards in and pressed on the card and it did nothing no crash and its not the motion sensor iv turned it off and it didnt fix the problem when the motion starts to effect the system i see lines in the screen kinda boxy distortions thanks for any help