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Thread: trading in?

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    trading in?
    New to these mac-forums, sorry if this is not in the best place or talked about already.

    What is the best way to go about trading in my macbook?
    Any tips/advice would be much appreciated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RangerJet View Post
    What is the best way to go about trading in my macbook?
    There really isn't a "good" way to "trade in your Mac". The way to part with your computer is...sell it on CL or e-Bay...get the money...then purchase a new or newer model.

    Some places claim to allow you to "trade-in" your Mac towards the purchase of another computer...but these places are basically resellers...who under-pay you for your "trade-in"...and over-charge you for the computer you buy from them.

    So it's "lose-lose" for you...and "win-win" for them!

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    Selling on Craigslist is not that big of a deal. I've done it several times.

    You should wipe your computer and reinstall the operating system (also not hard) before the machine changes hands.

    Do a search on ebay, or at places like to find a reasonable asking price.

    I've had good luck.

    I wish you the same!

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