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Thread: USB Drawing too much power??

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    Jan 11, 2012
    USB Drawing too much power??
    start off im new to the forums but i have had a mac since i was born haha anyways... I have a mid 2008 macbook and i was trying to charge my battery on my droid with a cut usb cable and got the usb drawing too much power and now i dont get any messages and when i plug in any usb device i dont get any recognition of it and no matter what i do i cant get the usb to work even with an external power source.. any help would be much appreciated

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    In my experience that message has usually occurred because of a device that really should have its own power supply or in this case the cable. A couple of questions occur to me though:

    !. Do the problems persist after you restart the Mac? That usually clears it up form me. The problem may well return if you plug in the device that started the problem.

    2. If the problem goes away and only occurs with the droid connected does the droid have a separate power cord. With my old Palm phone it would sometimes cause this unless I charged it via the external power cord.

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    It still persists after i restart my mac and its doing it for every usb device i try using not just my droid... hope this helps

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    Do a reboot and run Repair Permissions and as Sly suggests, get a main powered USB hub.
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    how would do i run repair permissions? sorry for all the confusions

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