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    i'm sure this gets asked all the time...
    I have a Macbook 13" and it was sitting on the edge of the bed when my dog got excited and knocked it off. i saw it in sloooow motion falling to my hardwood floor as i ran towards it... but i couldn't save it. the back battery cover flew off across the room and the unibody is pretty bent up. (in my eyes, anyway.) i spent probably about 20 minutes trying to manipulate the battery cover to stay on, but it's barely hanging on. also it doesn't quite close right anymore due to the bending. it's injury is on (our) right side corner closest to the touchpad rather than the screen. i'm so angry about it! suggestions? fixable? not worth it? i could probably upload some pictures if you'd like. thanks in advance

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    Take it to the Apple store, see what needs to be done, then if you are creative fix it yourself or pay to get it done.

    Definitely upload pictures though so other viewers can get a better idea of the extent of damage.

    I'm feeling for ya!! I would be distraught if that happened to me...My MacBook NEVER leaves my desk or a hard and stable surface.
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    G'day and welcome to the forums.

    Well best suggestion is not to get angry with the dawn. He was play ng with his master who he loves and that darned computer got in the way. Takes play time away from him anyway he thinks! Hang in there jleanne as life will have bigger disasters in store.
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    Always stinks when something expensive gets broken or beat up by someone or something. Post some pictures and we'll be happy to help, who knows, it might not be that big of a deal to fix.

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