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    Advice Needed (Macbook)
    Okay, so I got a White Macbook two years ago. After all this time, the software is still working perfectly, but the LED screen has cracked, the disk drive won't accept or eject disks and there is cracking on the underside of the laptop.
    I am considering going through Apple, but I'm worried at the cost of it all if I do it that way, especially because I'd probably need a replacement disk drive and replacement screen!

    Would it be more cost-effective/wise to buy a new Macbook or fork out and repair this one?

    Many Thanks
    S x

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    Hi and welcome to M-F.

    IMHO i would go and get a new Mac, as the old one is worth only a few hundred dollars according to

    The screen is what will cost the money in all this, and think do you really need a CD/DVD optical drive ?? If you take it to  they will charge a pretty penny and it will not bring the value of the MacBook up. Its only worth $300 and will cost more than that to fix up (only guessing).
    The ball is on your court as they say. Good luck and keep us posted

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    The LCD is not an easy fix I'm afraid. It's quite a long and involved process as I have read and if you're not experienced, it's best to the professionals. Which as you probably can guess aren't cheap.

    The optical drive is another fairly long process to fix, and although some may not use them anymore I always love having the option of an optical drive to watch movies, play CD's, etc.

    You really might want to think about getting a new Mac. Some of the early 08' and late 07' white Macbooks can be bought off Craigslist for as little as $300 nowadays.

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